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The Band
Coming at you out of NYC, UB blended a variety of styles to crank out their own original tunes. Call it Ska, call it Jazz, call it Funk, Pop, Reggae, whatever. It's groovin', and this 7 member band always gave a great show.
The Latest
  • The UB has a MySpace page, and it's not annoying. Check it out for some downloadable tunes.
  • Looking for an album? They're available on Amazon Mp3 Downloads here:
    Playgrounds~N~Glass and All the Way Live '95
    They're also available on iTunes.
  • Thursday May 29, 2008 was the day to be in NYC, because after 10 years, the UB had a reunion show at the Canal Room. Through the magic of the Internet, you can listen to the show. Word from the band is that they may do another.

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Email the boys at "t h e u b --a t-- u r b a n b l i g h t . c o m"